Vit Registry Fix

"Powerful program for cleaning the registry from errors"

OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10/11 (x86/x64)

Vit Registry Fix
14.9.3 | 2 MB
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What New in version 14.9.3?

General minor fixes and improvements. Correction in translations.

What New in version 14.9.2?

Minor fixes and general improvements.

Added French language. Author: Largo.

What New in version 14.9.1?

Minor improvements in finding and removing registry errors.

Minor general improvements.

Added Slovenian language. Author: Jadran Rudec.

What New in version 14.9?

Minor improvements in finding registry errors.

Fixed cache search in the Opera web browser (In "Vit Disk Cleaner").

Minor general improvements.

Added Norwegian language. Author: Halvard Karlsen.

What New in version 14.8.5?

Improvements and fixes in the "Deep Scan" category.

What New in version 14.8.4?

Minor general fixes and improvements.

Updated Polish language (Translator: Adam Malich).

What New in version 14.8.3?

Minor improvements in finding registry errors.

Minor general changes (For example: The list on the "Software" tab has been sorted).

Minor fixes (For example: in some users could not save some settings sometimes).

Now the program is called Vit Registry Fix, without the "Professional" designation. This designation was once added to differentiate from the "Free Edition" version. This is no longer relevant, since there is only one version.

What New in version 14.8.2?

Improvements in finding registry errors.

Minor general changes.

Minor general fixes.

What New in version 14.8.1?

Removed all locks from additional tools in the unregistered version.

What New in version 14.8.0?

Removed all pop-up windows with a waiting timer and a request to purchase the program. No more annoying automated messages and checkout page openings.

Minor improvements in finding registry errors.

Minor general fixes (for example, when registering a program with a file).

What New in version 14.7.3?

Minor improvements in finding registry errors

Minor general fixes

Updated Italian language (Author: Tfr)

What New in version 14.7.2?

Fixes in deleting registry errors and temporary files for some users (deletion might not occur. Mostly in the unregistered version of the program).

What New in version 14.7.1?

An issue with some anti-virus programs has been resolved.


If the program again gets into the list of some antivirus, then you should not worry, if it was downloaded from the official site or a very well-known trusted site. Just add program files to exceptions. The fact is that the program is distributed on various websites containing Trojans and other similar content to which the author of the program has nothing to do. But because of this, a program downloaded from the official site can also get into the lists of antiviruses! It is also possible that the program was intentionally and purposefully added to the antivirus lists by some persons through various channels provided by the antivirus software itself.

What New in version 14.7.0?

Improved search and speed of deleting unnecessary files.

A few minor improvements in the search for registry errors.

Various general improvements and updated translations.

What New in version 14.6.0?

Corrections in the activation of the program (the Program could not correctly save the name for some users).

Several minor improvements.

Updated English language.

What New in version 14.5.0?

Minor improvements in finding registry errors

Several general fixes

Declared support for Windows 11

What New in version 14.4.0?

Improvements in the search for registry errors (Section 'File types')

Added digital signature

What New in version 14.3.0?

Improvements and fixes in the search for registry errors ('Deep scan')

Added Italian language (Author of translation: Tfr)

Added Dutch language (Author of translation: Sjaak Klop)

For technical reasons, the program does not have an digital signature. As soon as the technical capability resumes - the digital signature will be added. This does not functionally affect the operation of the program.

What New in version 14.2.0?

Ability to add comments to backups in Vit Registry Backup

Some important corrections and improvements

Hidden feature: you can change the top picture in the program if you create the files 'header.bmp' and 'header1.bmp' in the 'User Data' folder (for main and secondary windows, respectively)

What New in version 14.1.0?

Fixed restore backup in Vit Registry Backup

The "Select All" button on the "Software" tab is locked (To increase security)

A few minor corrections and improvements

In the "About" window, after registration, the user name is now displayed, not the author (At the request of users)

What New in version 14.0.0?

Improved search for errors in the registry (The program finds more errors. Both minor and important improvements have been made)

Minor updates in the interface (For example, title pictures are flatter. The picture is changed by double-clicking on it)

General corrections and important improvements.

What New in version 13.1.0?

Improvements in determining the paths to files and folders. Improving search security (in the "Deep Scan" category). Recommended update.

What New in version 13.0.1?

The program files are now without the UPX packer. The program files size is now original (larger), but some antivirus software will not respond to the UPX packer used earlier.

What New in version 13.0.0?

Improvements in the search for registry errors and the search for temporary files

Changes in the user interface. Changed the location of the settings

Removed unnecessary settings

Minor general fixes

Updated digital signature